Saturday, February 3, 2007

Eniva - Getting to Know the Leaders

EnivaChairman and CEO
Andrew Baechler

When Andrew Baechler became President of Eniva Corporation, he became a true visionary and the primary power behind the company's accomplishment. He has been the igniting force in the exceptional growth of the organization, having helped in increasing memberships from 200 to 200,000 since May of 1998, and in positioning Eniva as the fastest growing, privately held company in Minnesota. As a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Baechler has widespread knowledge as a top performer with a variety of other direct and network marketing organizations. A vibrant motivator and dedicated leader, Baechler provides a foundation of skill and value-based success for Eniva's future. Baechler is accountable for determining and overseeing strategic initiatives for the organization, including leadership growth, new-product discovery and training and education programs. He also attends to business expansion and growth, including strategic partnerships, business ventures and other alliances that include and promote full body health. Numerous network marketing experts believe Baechler will soon be identified as the "Bill Gates" of the network marketing industry. He is the vehicle in creating the self-health revolution that Eniva is bringing about.

Eniva VibeVice Chairman and Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Benjamin Baechler

At the University of Minnesota Medical School, Dr. Baechler received his medical preparation with a focus on Internal Medicine. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a primary research institute where he received his undergraduate degree, with honors, in Immunology and Medical Microbiology. Dr. Baechler's scientific and academic efforts have focused in the subjects of nutrient delivery systems, antioxidants and angiogenesis. He was the winner of the Angiogenesis Foundation of America Research Fellowship, has been given the Hilldale Foundation Research Fellowship and has contributed in several research colloquiums. He was President of the American Medical Association-MSS and served on the Hennepin County Medical Physician Society's Board of Directors. Dr. Baechler was also selected as part of an amazing delegation from the University of Minnesota to hang out at the renowned North Hawaii Community Hospital.

As of today, Dr. Baechler has formulated about 80 wellness products, including several strategically intended to tackle the issues of anti-aging, healthy cellular replication and heart health. He spends his time and resources with the Mayo Clinic Foundation's Camp Jornada, Children of Promise and with a variety of nutrition outreach consultations.

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