Saturday, February 3, 2007

Eniva - A Company That Cares


In 1998, a group of individuals came together for one purpose – to build a company that cared for its customers through life-changing products. Ever since they opened, that is what Eniva has done. Eniva is committed to helping the world one bottle at a time. Eniva believes the human body was intended to be healthy – no matter your color, gender or age.

Now in 2007, Eniva has become one of the fastest growing companies in Minnesota. They are proud to thank the customers for their loyal support and commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Eniva has distinguished itself from the rest of the health companies in the United States. Eniva oversees every aspect of their products. They have teamed up with scientists and doctors to bring the best product to the market. Eniva operates in two facilities (with a third on its way) where the products are researched and developed. Eniva, not only focuses on nutritional supplement products, but they specialize in household and automotive cleaners. Eniva products are well on its way to becoming a household name.


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