Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Eniva Vibe

What’s the problem?

Throughout the years, nutritional supplements in pill and tablet shape have been the conventional choice for millions of people. However recent scientific studies have people to think differently about their supplement choices. Vitamins and minerals that come in tablet or pill shape are inadequately absorbed and properly used by the human body. Realistic evidence of this can be in wastewater treatment plants and portable toilets throughout the United States.

Tons of undigested pills and tablets, numerous with name brands still clear, regularly create a problem for facility operators. These forms of supplements are unsuccessfully absorbed by the body because they are made up of crushed up rocks, fillers, and binders.

Why Liquid?

When we look at nature, we see the ideal creation for the ideal nutrient delivery system. Minerals, vitamins, and nutrients are consumed from the soil by plants, then distorted into a water-soluble design that is absorbable by the human body. Regardless of what we put into our bodies, the objective is always the same — to make it water-soluble (Eniva Vibe). Eniva Vibe is a unique liquid form supplement that is quickly (60 seconds) absorbed by the body.

If you have any questions about Eniva Vibe, please email me.

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Anonymous said...

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Peter said...

My wife drinks this stuff called Eniva Vibe every day. It is a vitamin supplement that you are supposed to take a shotglass full of every morning. The stuff is only available online, and it costs about $55 per month. Has anyone ever heard of or used it? Is it snake oil? My wife likes it, so I guess that is all that matters, but I just wanted to see if she was the only one. Thanks.


kundandelta said...

I guess that is all that matters, but I just wanted to see if she was the only one. Thanks.
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